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BSE Future Policy Direction

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What is next for education entrepreneurship is the creation and support of an environment that fosters innovation in education to create, what Hess calls, “the supply side of school reform?”  The problems of ineffective schooling are numerous and evident, and as Hess observes, dwarf the number of good business ideas in the offing to solve them.  While the past decade has borne witness to a variety of entrepreneurial efforts in education, the number of these efforts “pales beside the larger American education enterprise.”  Supply side reform, which refers to the generation of more choices to address school reform, requires “a stable and hospitable policy environment, investors willing to identify and nurture promising ventures, networks of technical and logistical support, talented educators, and incentives that recognize and foster quality."  The challenge for reformers is to determine how to put all of these pieces in place.


To read the full text on the future policy direction of business and social entrepreneurship in education, click here.

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smr472@mail.harvard.edu said

at 11:52 am on Dec 8, 2009

Make Social Entrepreneurship Happen in your School-- Check out the parent, alumni, and community volunteer organization that raises venture capital money to develop innovative education programs for implementation at Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts. African American Scholars Program, Social Justice Leadership, Engineering By Design, Tutorial, Family Partnership, Teachers Mentoring Teachers. Some of these programs have been written up in prestigious education journals. Your community can do this too....! www.bhs21stcenturyfund.org

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