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FS Personal Communication

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Personal Communication


The Full Service Schools Wiki Group (consisting of Ricky Campbell-Allen, Melissa Pena, Aekta Shah, Rebekka Sullender and Rebecca Zazove) collectively interviewed the following individuals during the period of October – November 2009.  We are deeply indebted to these individuals and express our sincere appreciation for their time, energy, and their continued good work.




Abby Weiss, Full Service Schools Roundtable

Amelia Bonds*, High Flyers Academy

Ellie Rounds, Neighborhood House Charter School

Harry Spence, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Jane Quinn, Children’s Aid Society

Jonathan Sproul, Boston Public Schools

Joy Dryfoos, Independent Consultant

Martin J. Blank, Coalition of Community Schools

Richard Rothstein, Columbia Teacher’s College

Will Dobbie, Harvard Kennedy School of Government


*Pseudonym as interviewee requested to remain anonymous


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