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The Firing Squad: History

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 UFT Photo

  Albert Shanker speaks to UFT members during the painful 

Ocean Hill-Brownsville strike of 1968, which was triggered 

by a neighborhood school board's attempt to dismiss teachers without due process.  


The history of teacher dismissal in the American public school system is deeply enmeshed within the history of teacher unionism.  This section provides a chronological account of teacher dismissal, beginning with arbitrary dismissal of teachers and continuing through assessment using the Toledo Plan of Peer Review Webmail


Al Shanker, then president of the United Federation of Teachers (an American Federation of Teachers affiliate), led New York City public school teachers in their fight to bargain collectively in 1961. Shanker would become an icon for teacher unionism. He led the largest strike of public school teachers in American history in 1968 when 18 teachers were dismissed in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Ocean Hill-Brownsville without due process. In the 1980s, as the nation experienced a conservative shift of political power and as unions came under attack, Shanker supported a new strain of teacher unionism supporting the Toledo Plan of Peer Review. This event marked a shift from industrial bargaining to reform bargaining...


Click here to read more about the history of the teacher dismissal process.


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